Barbara Harrington, founder of Sponsorship Plus, has created and implemented ethical partnerships for scores of clients in markets across the country, including the Great State of Texas.  Barbara’s expertise is wide ranging from government, parks and recreation to community transportation and essential social services to arts, entertainment and education.  In Texas, she has worked with several United Ways, literacy groups, foundations as well as festivals in rural markets.

For 20 years, Barbara has been a trusted advisor to charities large and small. She is known for her willingness to share what she sees working with audiences committed to nudging their world in a better direction. She works closely with clients to create partnerships that better communities, drive sales and encourage a new generation of engaged citizens.

Clients often credit Barbara’s Integrated Sponsorship Path model as the key to aligning real-world solutions for sustainable success. She is often referred to as the Suze Orman of sponsorship — high energy, knowledgeable and generous in sharing her expertise.  She is part of Bank of America’s prestigious Connecting Leaders To Learning National Speakers. Barbara has published three sponsorship books The Essential Sponsorship Toolkit, The Essence of Sponsorship and Advance Sponsorship Sales. Prior to starting Sponsorship Plus, Barbara worked in marketing developing sponsorships for Six Flags Darien Lake and as a news anchor.