Senior Consultant for Data & Research, Mission Capital
Morning Session: Using Data to Tell the Story of Your Impact

Reyda Taylor, PhD, is the Senior Consultant for Data & Research at Mission Capital, a nonprofit resource center in Austin, Texas. Reyda specializes in exploratory, evaluative, and strategic research, in both the nonprofit and the technology sectors. She is particularly passionate about building bridges across the domains of product design and program development, making research and evaluation more accessible and adaptable for nonprofits. Reyda has been providing research services in Central Texas since 2011 - first, as a Senior Researcher at Shore Research, providing program evaluation, then in independent practice since 2013 with an additional focus in user experience research and usability testing. Since joining the Mission Capital team in 2018, Reyda has trained and advised a wide variety of nonprofit organizations, guiding them in data collection and reporting and in assessing their impact. She also guides Mission Capital’s own impact assessment efforts, working collaboratively across the enterprise. Reyda got her professional start as the Research and Evaluation Specialist at the Girl Scouts of Citrus in Orlando, FL. She has a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Florida and a BA in Psychology from Ouachita Baptist University.