Executive Director, All Kids Alliance, University of Houston
Early Afternoon Session: Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Bob Wimpelberg is the Founder and Executive Director of All Kids Alliance at the University of Houston where he is Professor Emeritus and former Dean of the College of Education.

After 19 years in university administration and 50 years in education, Bob is dedicating his encore career to working with non-profits and funders interested in community-level collective impact.  Through All Kids Alliance, Bob helps organizations pay particular attention to effective collaborative action and commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Bob graduated from Yale University and taught in public schools in St. Louis County, Missouri. Following doctoral work at the University of Chicago, he joined the faculty at Tulane University and later moved to the University of New Orleans.  Bob has been at the University of Houston since 2000.

Bob was a founding member of the National Leadership Advisory Board of the StriveTogether Network during its affiliation with the KnowledgeWorks Foundation (Cincinnati).He is currently a Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum (Houston/Gulf Coast Chapter) and is serving on the Executive Committee of its Board of Trustees.