Morning Sessions | 10:15 AM – 11:45 AM

Using Data to Tell the Story of Your Impact
Reyda Taylor, PhD, Senior Consultant for Data & Research, Mission Capital

So, you have crunched the numbers and created beautiful graphs, but now what? Numbers rarely speak for themselves. How do you communicate the story behind your data in a way that can engage your audience and drive action? Join us for a hands-on, interactive workshop exploring the craft of data storytelling. In this workshop, you will: Learn about storytelling theory at a high level, Identify ways to tease out and communicate the contextual story behind data visualizations, Learn tips to anchor your insights in the data and avoid creating unintentionally misleading stories, Practice crafting data stories with specific audiences and goals in mind.

Collective Impact through Strong, Smart Partnerships and Collaborations
Katy Bourgeois, Director of Aligned Impact, Mission Capital

Partnerships and collaborations with other nonprofits, government, academia, business and the communities we serve are essential to achieving long-lasting impact through our work. But, what does it truly take to make partnership with others truly successful? Who defines success and how? What makes one collaboration work when others seem to go nowhere?

This session explains the key components of a successful partnership or collaboration and how to avoid common pitfalls. You’ll learn about several current collective impact projects happening in Texas and explore how you can establish or participate in a collaboration more effectively.  

Maximize Your Leadership Strengths
Cynthia Colbert, President & CEO, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston
Mary Grace Landrum, State Service Commissioner, OneStar Foundation

Today’s nonprofit leaders serve as CEOs, program directors, coordinators, board members and in other roles where they influence people or teams to accomplish goals.  Communicating with and motivating others are key skills for successful leaders.  Knowing your communication style and the styles of others helps minimize conflict and motivate others to take action. 

How do you identify your strengths and the strengths of the team members you work with?This workshop will provide information and skill practice with tools and resources to know your leadership and communication styles to help you build your leadership team.

Critical Legal and Compliance Issues Every Nonprofit Needs to Know
Session and Presenter Info Coming Soon!