Founder/Principal, Too Good Strategy
Early Afternoon Session: Building Your Brand and Marketing on a Budget

 Tiffany Galligan, Founder/Principal for Too Good Strategy, leads non-profits and social enterprises in creating branding, marketing, and digital strategies that extend their mission. With over 18 years of developing successful user-centered strategies for monumental change, she thrives working on complex, multi-layered challenges that have a broad social impact.

 Tiffany combines a background in agency consulting and non-profit management to create transformative brands and experiences that get to the heart of an organization’s cause and speak to supporters and constituents. Tiffany was one of two leaders at the Lance Armstrong Foundation that guided their brand revolution, ultimately creating LIVESTRONG. Since starting Too Good Strategy she has partnered with dozens of local and national non-profits on strategic efforts.  She leads the TGS team in helping clients develop strategic marketing plans, digital campaigns, and creative execution.  She believes to have a successful engagement both parties have to agree that the effort will have a significant impact on the organization - she likes to help nonprofits find their organizational tipping points. 

With cinematographers as parents, storytelling has been a part of Tiffany’s lifeblood for as long as she can remember; she was raised knowing that every person and every organization has a story to tell. Through the course of her career, she has kept that fundamental fact at the heart of her approach to problem solving. Blending user-centered design practices with effective storytelling has proven to be essential for her clients and causes to maximize their reach and effectiveness. Tiffany has applied this unique marketing approach to organizations including Allstate Foundation, Boneshaker Project, Critical Mass, College Forward, Dell, Delta Airlines, IT’S TIME TEXAS, Hotels for Hope, Neiman Marcus, Southwest Airlines, TOMS, University of Texas, and many more.